International Biennial “Scythia 8”, 2010

Textile is a captivating and enigmatic craft that emerged in various cultures around the world. The popularity of the textile techniques among contemporary artists is beyond doubt. They give opportunity to create intricate patterns and designs and adapted to each artist's and each culture's distinct aesthetic and symbolic system.

The aims of this exhibition is to share with the viewer the undeniable fascination of these techniques and the exquisite results that they created from the hand made traditional craft methods to the contemporary pieces of the best artists. Even those unfamiliar with textile techniques can truly appreciate them for their beauty and craftsmanship.

The contemporary works, submitted by artists, varied conceptually, but all demonstrated impressive technical skill. Alongside examples of contemporary works, including some fine pieces of old, antique textile.

Of special interest are the historic samples of antique textile from archive.

Symbols and signs, old and new patterns give much potential for a continued conversation between old and modern textile techniques.

The world represented at the exhibition are of great sophistication that demands an aesthetic response of equal ingenuity and

judgement.This integral exhibition is our desire to create an environment that will enable the next generation of designers to establish themselves as viable entities. It will help to record a heritage and stimulate contemporary design. It is an application of the past which may

offer our design skills the great protection. We want to prevent these old things from becoming mere objects of nostalgia, we want them to live and stimulate modern design. We would like to create an emotional bond between old and new art pieces. Collection items ranging from ethnographic textiles to historic and modern textile, fashion and accessories.

The conference reflects the interests of artists, designers, researches by providing a forum for the representation and discussion of recent research in the area of textile art, design and heritage. Research presentation features a wide range of papers from scholars, designers, lecturers, collectors, artists. The conference provides opportunity for informal discussion. The museum hosts an exhibition of contemporary and antique archival items from their collection.

Fashion show starts from rare antique clothes from the museum collection to modern garments art to wear. Contemporary interpretation of textile traditions.