Master Class


  Since 1995 organizers began to accumulate the world experience of highly professional textile workshops.


    2000 – the educational felt workshop was organized during "Scythia" due to help of Margret Riedl-Muller (Germany) and Elske Straatsma-Brouwer (The Netherlands) – very experienced well-known felt artists and lecturers.


  2001 – quilt and patch workshop by Bernadette Mayer (Germany).


  2002 – several workshops: on silk paper, indigo by Olga Tyrwhitt (England), on patch & quilt by Margrit Kopf (Germany), on felt and leather constructions by Ali Yaldir (Turkey).


   2004 – kozo paper by Seiko Atsuta (USA).


  2008 – felt by Gulshat Djuraeva (Kazakhstan) and Andrew Schneider.


  2012 – NUNO felt by Halil Selcuk Gurishik (Turkey).


2016 – Vildan Tok, Turkey

Body accessories using papier-mache and mix techniques


Andrew Schneider, Ukraine

Silk and Linen Paper


Previous master-classes