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The International Biennial Symposium Conference and Exhibition on Textile and Fibre Art "Scythia" The International Biennial Symposium and Exhibition on Textile Art "Scythia" is the only one prestigious international textile symposium and exhibition in Ukraine on European level, which includes artists, educational, fashion and cultural heritage groups and educational and professional workshops. This event is biennial. It is Ludmila Egorova's and Andrew Schneider's private initiative and it does not depend upon any state cultural institutions. It is the first in Ukraine privately organized international art event, which is free from any kind of pressure. This biennial was presented at the different international textile art events in 1995, at the Forum of Cultural Networks of the Council of Europe in France in 1995, at "Convergence" in USA in 1996, in Spain in 1998, in Moldova in 1998, in Great Britain in 1996, 1998, 2000, 2010, Austria in 2001, Greece in 2004, in Turkey in 2005, 2011, Lithuania in 2011, as at the initial stage the first task was to present this biennial as wide as possible at the international level. The organizers' main aim was the co-operation of the cultural regions of the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea, with a specific focus on the textile and that's why first of all specialists from this countries were invited. Since the First International Symposium and Exhibition on Textile Art "Scythia" (1996) the Black Sea textile region has awaken. Old textile events (triennials and biennials) were renewed and new events have appeared all over Europe due to participants, who took part in "Scythia". The organizers are happy to know more and more colleagues and to see them and their art works at the "Scythia" Symposium and Exhibition as representatives of the Mediterranean and Black Sea textile regions. But of course it does not mean that only countries from these regions can participate. Textile artists and specialists from all over the world are welcome to this symposium, exhibition and workshops. Since 1996 textile specialists from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Island, Japan, Malaysia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA took an active part in symposiums and exhibitions. International exhibition includes tapestry, batik, quilt, patch, shibori, felt, beads, embroidery, applique, paper, three dimensional textile. Three best art works were awarded with medals. The exhibition helps to introduce new artists and helps the public to be informed about national and international trends. The symposium gives chance to know more about new textile events all over the world. Three best art works were awarded with medals: 1998 I award Graciela Samrey (Argentina) II award Andrew Schneider (Ukraine) III award Olga Bryntzeva (Ukraine) 2000 I award Natalia Shymin (Ukraine) II award Lilo Schaer (Switzerland) III award Galina Poloz (Moldova) 2002 I award Nomura Shoko (Japan) II award Olga Paruta-Vitruk (Ukraine) III award Ali Yaldir (Turkey) 2004 I award Brigitte Amarger (France) II award Seiko Atsuta (USA) III award Tetiana Vlasenko (Ukraine) 2006 I award Ainsley Hillard (Australia) II award Toshie Takahashi (Japan), Olga Marino (Ukraine) III award Brett Alexander (Australia), Jennifer Shellard (Great Britain), Iryna Schostak (Ukraine) 2008 I award Olena Shumilina (Ukraine) II award Mary Ruth Smith (USA), Maximo Laura (Peru) III award Kuoko Ueda (Japan) 2010 I award Shizuko Kimura (Uk/Japan) II award Maire Koivisto (Finland) III award Ester Serpionova (Ukraine) 2012 I award Ursula Gerber-Senger (Switzerland) II award Eszter Bornemisza (Hungary) III award Nobuko Koizumi (Japan) 2014 I award Amanda McCavour (Canada) II award Maciej Mesznik (Poland) III award Magdalena Kleszynska (Poland) 2016 I award Chiyoko Kumon (Japan) II award Iya Skoromna (Ukraine) III award Dorothea Van De Winkel (Belgium) 2018 I award June Lee (Korea) II award Susan Hotchkis (France) III award Karolina Lizurej (Poland) 2020 I Award – Stewart Kelly (UK) II Award – Alex Younger (USA) III Award – Anneke Klein (The Netherlands) 2022 I Award – Shin-hee Chin (USA) II Award – Tetiana Vytiaglovs'ka (Ukraine) III Award – Lena Meszaros (France) The colour catalogues 1996, 1998, 2000 were published due to financial support of the Arts Council of Switzerland. This event was supported by the Council of Europe, European Cultural Foundation, the European Textile Network, UMC. Since 1995 organizers began to accumulate the world experience of highly professional textile workshops. 2000 – the educational felt workshop was organized during "Scythia" due to help of Margret Riedl-Muller (Germany) and Elske Straatsma-Brouwer (The Netherlands) - very experienced well-known felt artists and lecturers. 2001 – quilt and patch workshop by Bernadette Mayer (Germany). 2002 – several workshops: on silk paper, indigo by Olga Tyrwhitt (England), on patch & quilt by Margrit Kopf (Germany), on felt and leather constructions by Ali Yaldir (Turkey). 2004 – kozo paper by Seiko Atsuta (USA). 2008 – felt by Gulshat Djuraeva (Kazahstan) and Andrew Schneider. 2010 – hand-made paper by Andrew Schneider. 2012 – NUNO felt by Halil Selcuk Gurisik (Turkey). 2016 – Vildan Tok (Turkey), Andrew Schneider (Ukraine). 206 reports were made at the conferences by museum curators, university lecturers, artists. Since 1996 twelve fashion shows were organized as a part the symposium. In fashion show took part Ukrainian and foreign fashion designers. The programme of the symposium included and will include international art exhibition, conference, fashion show, workshop and cultural programme. We try to assert our national interests, rights and opinion even in the sphere of cultural politics. That's why we work directly with different cultural institutions, which make cultural politics. Since 1996 we have always the biggest support from ETN, from Beatrijs Sterk and Dietmar Laue, who always strive Europe not to be separated into parts and considered us equal partners in all European textile events. We thank for support Helga Berry (USA), Donna Martin (USA), Pam Patrie (USA), Barbara Heller and "BC Stars" (Canada), Teresa Gallego (Spain), Karla de Kataliere (Spain), Isabel Dibden-Wright (UK), Hilary Sleiman (UK), Judith Railton (UK), Olga Tyrwhitt (UK), Margaret Perivoliotis (Greece), Margret Riedel-Muller (Gemany), Bernadette Mayer (Germany), Elske Straatsma-Brouwer (The Netherlands), Seiko Atsuta (USA), Cemile Tuna (Turkey). Ludmila Egorova, Andrew Schneider Founders and organizers of the project "SCYTHIA" Members of the National Artists’ Union of Ukraine
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